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If there's any part of our vehicles that routinely gets ignored, it's the wiper blades. They're not sexy, and unless one fails altogether, we often wait to replace them until either a torrential rainstorm or a hideous snow dump is predicted. Windshield wiper, though, are critical for safe driving, and they should routinely be inspected and replaced. There's more to buying replacement blades, ... Read More

Make the most of your auto show visit this year


The big LA and Detroit auto shows are over, but plenty of regional shows are coming up throughout the country later this winter. If you are planning to attend a show in your neck of the woods, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your visit. Be practical Most shows cover a large expanse of square-footage, and include hundreds or sometimes thousands of vehicles, so dress casually and ... Read More

Millennials Call Chrysler’s Conceptual Shots

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When it came to thinking about the future of family transportation, FCA US called upon the people who will own and live with such a vehicle -- millennials working inside the company's design and engineering functions -- to collaborate on ideas. Armed with research on what the millennial generation values and desires, the team created a forward-thinking interpretation of the "fifth generation" of ... Read More

Fall Driving Tips


There seems to be an unwritten rule that says when you're making a car commercial you must feature a super slow motion shot of the car kicking up thousands of swirling leaves in its wake. Those innocent looking leaves, however, can be a real nuisance in real life, especially when Autumn rolls around. These Fall driving tips can help you stay safe on the road as daylight shortens and temperatures ... Read More

Connectivity for Older Cars

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Today's new cars are packed with high-tech features designed to provide drivers with an unprecedented range of feedback, data and entertainment options. Nearly all auto makes and models made today are equipped with infotainment systems that incorporate a dizzying array of ingenious technology produced in conjunction with industry leaders like Apple and Google. That's all very exciting if you're ... Read More

CarSoup.com — More Than Cars


We're well known for our expertise in the world of cars and trucks and we've got millions of 'em here at CarSoup.com. What many people don't know is that we apply the same award-winning technology that's made us #1 in cars to a variety of other vehicles. In fact, if it moves we've probably got it. Bikes and boats and sleds... oh my! If you're not familiar with the rest of the CarSoup group we'd ... Read More

These Trucks Are Hot


You've probably seen the recent Chevy commercials where they drop 800+ pounds of concrete blocks into the beds of a Silverado and a Ford F-150 to show how much tougher the Chevy is. It's a pretty aggressive approach for Chevy to take and it's an indication of just how important and contested the light truck segment has become. As the light truck category (which includes pickups and many SUVs) ... Read More

CarSoup.com’s New Chat Feature Puts You In The Driver’s Seat


In our endless quest to make your car buying experience fast, convenient and hassle free we're always looking for new ways to find technology that fits the way you shop. These days it's quite evident that texting is king and is becoming the preferred way for car shoppers to communicate with dealers. We're introducing some new ways to make your smart phone even smarter when it comes to shopping for ... Read More

New to You — Certified Used Vehicles Deliver a Like-New Experience


If you've paid a lick of attention to used car advertisements, you've no doubt noticed the ads for manufacturer-backed "certified pre-owned" (CPO) programs offered through dealerships. In this day and age of wondrous Craigslist car ads from private sellers that promise crazy savings that seem too good to be true, there are good reasons to head to a dealer and explore the CPO market. Considering ... Read More

Ratings Matter

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When it comes to buying a car, how can you know the reputation of the dealer you're working with? And how can you expect that your purchasing experience will be as good as your dram car looks? Trust dealer reviews and ratings! Ratings are the reviews customers write about the experience they have had with a specific car dealer. The ratings take into consideration dealer pricing, how the ... Read More

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