Top 10 Iconic Cartoon Cars

Sure, the designers in Detroit can dream up some pretty wicked metal from time to time, but they can't hold a candle to the imagination of the animating wizards who brought us these pen-and-ink creations: The Mach 5 -- Possibly the most awesome cartoon car ever, this Japanimation vehicle (seen above) first fired up in 1967 and sported a special steering wheel that activated canyon-jumping ... Read More

Top 10 Glove Box Gadgets

Take a look in your glove box. If all you find is a handful of napkins and a few fast food catsup packs it might be time to raise the bar a little. Here are a few items you'll be glad you have on hand. ICE -- AAA recommends keeping an ICE (In Case of Emergency) card, filled out with your emergency contacts and any pertinent medical information like, medications, allergies, and blood ... Read More

10 Vehicles With Excellent Residual Value

Lease customers take note. ALG (Automotive Lease Guide) recently announced their 2015 Residual Value Award Winners. If you're considering leasing, these vehicles should definitely be on your short list. First a little background. Residual value and resale value are sometimes confused with each other. Simply put, residual value is what the leasing company or lender expects a vehicle to be worth ... Read More

Top 10 Fall & Winter Car Care Tips

Old Man Winter can be one merciless son of a gun and like it or not, he's headed our way. He's notoriously tough on vehicles and while there's no way to completely guarantee a breakdown free cold weather season, we've assembled a few tips that should help stack the odds in your favor. A fast and efficient way to make sure your car is ready and rarin' to go for the season is to schedule a service ... Read More

Quirky Cars Get a Reboot

Millenials aren’t afraid of expressing themselves, and that bravery extends to their choice of automobiles. A new study highlights some rather interesting vehicle choices by those between the ages of 18 and 34 during the first half of 2015. For example, the Pontiac Aztek, once described as looking like something akin to an angry kitchen appliance, seems to be a favorite of Millenials. A little ... Read More

15 Unconventional Family Haulers

Quite simply, it is not all about SUVs and sedans. As Motor Trend explains, people with families often think they have to limit themselves to SUVs, big sedans and minivans. But, plenty of other vehicles out there actually do offer passenger space, cargo room and creature comforts. With this in mind, the magazine developed this list. Toyota Prius V This V version has more wiggle room than the ... Read More

10 Best Road Trip Vehicles For Hitting the Summer Highways

Car lovers are always yearning for the open road. Are you one of those? If you are, here is a list of great vehicles for hitting the road this summer. These vehicles include a range, from sports cars to vans, so this list will cover all sorts of roads trips, those solo journeys, or a trip with a friend, or one of those voyages when you take the whole family along. BMW 3 Series Wagon Volkswagen ... Read More

15 Vehicles With the Longest Running Nameplates

The automotive landscape is constantly changing. Makes and models come and go all the time. But there are a few nameplates that continue to be renewed generation after generation. With this idea in mind, here are 15 of the longest-running nameplates in the United States, compiled by Motor Trend Magazine. Honda Accord BMW 3-Series Volkswagen Golf Honda Civic Nissan 370Z Jaguar XJ Toyota ... Read More

7 Affordable Convertibles For a Little Summertime Fun

The days are warmer. The sun is shining. We don’t know about you, but we’re thinking about convertibles. Here’s a list of affordable soft-tops to consider as summer approaches, compiled by and Yahoo Autos. Starting prices listed are estimates. Prices may vary; see your dealer for full details. 1. Chevrolet Camaro, $31,205 2. Smart Fortwo Cabriolet, $17,930 3. MINI Cooper ... Read More

10 Cars With Small Exteriors Yet Surprisingly Large Interiors

Yes, big spaces sometimes come in small packages. As Motor Trend points out, there are vehicles out there that are roomier inside than you might guess from their small exterior dimensions. With that concept in mind, the magazine put together this list. Honda Fit Nissan Versa Note Volkswagen Up (not sold in U.S.) Fiat 500 Kia Soul Honda Civic Tesla Model S Toyota Corolla Nissan ... Read More

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