Top 10 Most Affordable New Cars 2014

Looking for something new? There are still plenty of affordable options. The 2014s are hitting the market and you’ll find several options below $15,000. And you don’t have to settle for a sub-sub-compact, either—many of these vehicles of full-size comfort at a price that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. ... Read More

Top 10 All-Wheel Drive Cars for Winter

For safer driving and better performance on snowy winter roads, all-wheel drive is a no-brainer. However, not all AWD vehicles are equally designed to handle winter conditions. These vehicles have proven to be top performers in the most slippery conditions to give you confidence when the roads are at their worst. Just remember, even the best AWD system can’t compensate for foolish driving. Drive ... Read More

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Under $25,000

SUVs continue to grow in popularity, especially the compact market where prices are more affordable and gas mileage can be comparable to many sedans. If you’re on a budget but still want the cargo space and multi-terrain capabilities of an SUV, here’s a look at the most popular vehicles you might want to investigate.   ... Read More

Top 10 Fuel Economy for 2013

  Gas is expensive and it isn’t getting cheaper. But you do have choices (besides walking).  Most of the cars in our Top 10 most fuel-efficient vehicles don’t run on gas at all. And when you translate their electric power usage to MPG equivalency, some of these electric vehicles get the equivalent of more than 100 MPG. Pretty sweet! ... Read More

Top 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000

So you’re short on cash. That doesn’t mean you can’t look great cruising down the road in a new car. These ten vehicles offer bold looks and some innovative technology in fun-to-drive packages that are easy on the wallet. It's all the proof you need that you don’t have to have a fortune to have style. ... Read More

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