Motor City Must-Haves

New Models from the Detriot Auto Show

Back in January the Motor City hosted the 2017 North American International Auto Show. Always a venue for the latest and greatest from all the world's auto and truck manufacturers, the Auto Show is also the place to see where the automotive world is heading in regards to technology, design and functionality--in other words, it's a great place to drool over concepts, prototypes and actual new ... Read More

The Return of the Ranger


It’s official – at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Ford announced the return of the Ranger pickup truck in 2019, and we say it’s about darn time! Ford's Joe Hinrichs revealed at the Detroit Auto Show that the European-market Ford Ranger (shown here) would act as the basis for the U.S. Ranger. According to Hinrichs, the mid-size truck will be built in Ford's Michigan ... Read More

Got Gas? Prove It by Saving It!


Gasoline -- we all buy it, but do you know how to save it? Take this quiz to see how "up to speed" you are on gas-saving driving techniques. TRUE OR FALSE Q – Do properly inflated tires improve gas mileage? A – True: when tires are not properly inflated, fuel costs can be as much as three to five cents higher per gallon. Tire pressure should be checked at least monthly, including the spare. ... Read More

Show Your Car Some Love


Your car doesn't want flowers, balloons, or even candy this Valentine's Day -- it just wants a little love in the form of an oil change, tune-up and basic service. There's no debating the value of preventive maintenance to keep your car running well -- not to mention getting you safely to your hot Valentine's Day date. This Valentine's Day, treat your car to a service visit and take the following ... Read More

Save Money by Driving Smart


While gasoline prices have come down from the days of hovering near $4.00 a gallon, it's still an expensive commodity and a necessity for most vehicles on the road. If you'd like to save some green, modifying your driving habits and properly maintaining your vehicle will get you more miles per gallon and more money left in your wallet. Follow these tips to drive smart and save gas ... Read More

Be “Green” with Your Gasoline


According to the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), motorists can help the environment and their own finances by incorporating a few good practices. Regular vehicle maintenance and better driving habits are two simple ways any car owner can go "green" -- both for the environment and one's own wallet. Here are a few specific, easy-to-implement tips from ... Read More

Millennials: Sales To Service Conversion

August Transmission Thumbnail 4

They're going to spend 200 billion annually by 2017. They buy stock in Apple,, Tesla and Facebook. They're the largest and most diverse generation in history. They expect the brick and mortar businesses they engage with to deliver an online experience that's technology-fueled, interactive, highly personalized and feels like a real partnership. More than half of Millennials would rather ... Read More

August 2016 Industry News & Notes: Ups, Downs & Brexit Challenges

August Transmission Thumbnail 1

A dose of reality was injected into a year that started off with record profits for Ford Motor Co. as a combination of increased incentive spending and softening vehicle demand overseas began to turn up the pressure. After a 9% decline in net income in the 2nd quarter Ford CEO Mark Fields remarked, "We remain committed to our 2016 guidance, but we're facing risks to achieving that." Ford also ... Read More — More Than Cars


We're well known for our expertise in the world of cars and trucks and we've got millions of 'em here at What many people don't know is that we apply the same award-winning technology that's made us #1 in cars to a variety of other vehicles. In fact, if it moves we've probably got it. Bikes and boats and sleds... oh my! If you're not familiar with the rest of the CarSoup group we'd ... Read More

These Trucks Are Hot


You've probably seen the recent Chevy commercials where they drop 800+ pounds of concrete blocks into the beds of a Silverado and a Ford F-150 to show how much tougher the Chevy is. It's a pretty aggressive approach for Chevy to take and it's an indication of just how important and contested the light truck segment has become. As the light truck category (which includes pickups and many SUVs) ... Read More

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