Congratulations To Souper Dealer, Luther Westside Volkswagen.

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Congratulations to Luther Westside Volkswagen - our newest Souper Dealer! They've been serving St. Louis Park and the surrounding area for over half a century putting VW on the map in Minnesota and building a huge following. They do everything right so it's no surprise that we've been impressed with their recent work in digital advertising. Our thanks to the digital team at Westside, we appreciate ... Read More

Millennials: Sales To Service Conversion

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They're going to spend 200 billion annually by 2017. They buy stock in Apple,, Tesla and Facebook. They're the largest and most diverse generation in history. They expect the brick and mortar businesses they engage with to deliver an online experience that's technology-fueled, interactive, highly personalized and feels like a real partnership. More than half of Millennials would rather ... Read More

August 2016 Industry News & Notes: Ups, Downs & Brexit Challenges

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A dose of reality was injected into a year that started off with record profits for Ford Motor Co. as a combination of increased incentive spending and softening vehicle demand overseas began to turn up the pressure. After a 9% decline in net income in the 2nd quarter Ford CEO Mark Fields remarked, "We remain committed to our 2016 guidance, but we're facing risks to achieving that." Ford also ... Read More — More Than Cars


We're well known for our expertise in the world of cars and trucks and we've got millions of 'em here at What many people don't know is that we apply the same award-winning technology that's made us #1 in cars to a variety of other vehicles. In fact, if it moves we've probably got it. Bikes and boats and sleds... oh my! If you're not familiar with the rest of the CarSoup group we'd ... Read More

These Trucks Are Hot


You've probably seen the recent Chevy commercials where they drop 800+ pounds of concrete blocks into the beds of a Silverado and a Ford F-150 to show how much tougher the Chevy is. It's a pretty aggressive approach for Chevy to take and it's an indication of just how important and contested the light truck segment has become. As the light truck category (which includes pickups and many SUVs) ... Read More’s New Chat Feature Puts You In The Driver’s Seat


In our endless quest to make your car buying experience fast, convenient and hassle free we're always looking for new ways to find technology that fits the way you shop. These days it's quite evident that texting is king and is becoming the preferred way for car shoppers to communicate with dealers. We're introducing some new ways to make your smart phone even smarter when it comes to shopping for ... Read More

New to You — Certified Used Vehicles Deliver a Like-New Experience


If you've paid a lick of attention to used car advertisements, you've no doubt noticed the ads for manufacturer-backed "certified pre-owned" (CPO) programs offered through dealerships. In this day and age of wondrous Craigslist car ads from private sellers that promise crazy savings that seem too good to be true, there are good reasons to head to a dealer and explore the CPO market. Considering ... Read More Gets Creative Creative Assets Library Thumbnail

  We introduced our new Creative Assets Library at this month's Dealer Council meeting and were impressed by the enthusiastic response. Turns out even the savviest advertisers can use a bright idea every now and then, and that's just what we've designed the Creative Assets Library to be -- a great resource for dealers looking for fresh creative that moves the needle but won't break the ... Read More